Spring 2014 Lookbook video I created for fashion line Wolcott Takemoto. Lookbook footage shot by Maximilian Lakner. Roadtrip footage and editing by me.  Music by Jonny Trunk.


Highlights from the performance of DEBUT // Set to a vocal arrangement written by Hannah Epperson and performed by Hannah Epperson, Julianna Barwick and Ruby Attwood Filmed by: Derrick Belcham, E Lee Smith, Zara Popovici, Sean Dwyer, Kathleen Kuhn, Mallory Rosenthal and Jesse Rosenberg Edited By: Derrick Belcham & Emily Terndrup DEBUT was presented October 7th-9th, 2014 at the Knockdown Center Directed By Emily Terndrup & Derrick Belcham Written By Emily Terndrup, Derrick Belcham And Helen Terndrup Produced By Derrick Belcham, Emily Terndrup And The Knockdown Center Choreography By Emily Terndrup With The Dancers Assistant Choreography By Mallory Lynn Dance Performed By: Emily Terndrup, Rebecca Margolick, Emma Judkins, Brendan Duggan, Matthew Ortner, Ross Katen & Tj Spaur Art Direction And Set Design By Ruby Kato Attwood Associate Art Direction: John Ancheta & Nicholas Puglia Stage Management By Nicole Gross Assistant Stage Management By Nicholas Puglia Production Assistance By Jennie Mammary & Deb Berman Lighting Design By Derrick Belcham Sound Engineering By Derek Roe & James Pagano Scenic Artists: Sean Dwyer & Jessica Mensch Films By Emily Terndrup & Derrick Belcham Produced In Part With The Gracious And Generous Support Of Our Donors Music Written & Performed By Julianna Barwick, Mauro Remiddi, Hannah Epperson, John Ancheta, Ruby Kato Attwood, Jessie Stein, Reed Smidebush, David Moore, Leigh Stuart, Greg Chodzik, Will Mcevoy, Jeremy Viner, Matt Breiner Volunteers: Kitty Sailer, Elise Ritzel, Cara Heslip, Clara Claus, Emma Stephens, Kathleen Kuhn, Erin Lee Smith, Lyndsey Seaforth, Elizabeth Romanski, Jon Gerbehy & Alexa Doggett Support Cast: Lily Ockwell Costume Consultants: Alexandra & Juli Abene For more information about the productions of Derrick Belcham & Emily Terndrup, go to:

Studio session video I created and shot for Natti Vogel's "Oh Dear When Did it Get to be a Wednesday" at The Pencil Factory in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.